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Sanskrit Mahanayak Maharishi Aazaad and Swami Ramdev Baba met for the development of Indian Culture

Sanskrit Shiromani, Sanskrit Kalanidhi, Sanskrit Mahanayak, International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit and the Cultural Ambassador of World Maharishi Aazaad, who promoted and projected the Sanskrit language by spreading Bhrahma Vakya of Vedas 'Aham Brahmasmi' all over the word, visited Patanjali Yog Gram in Haridwar, Uttarakhand to meet the great Yog Guru Baba Ramdev for the mission to restore the lost heritage of Sanatan Bharat.

Sanskrit Mahanayak Maharishi Aazaad and Swami Ramdev Baba

International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit Maharishi Aazaad had a long meeting with Baba Ramdev who promoted the essence and importance of Yoga and introduced it to the people all over the World.

Sanskrit Kalanidhi Maharishi Aazaad and Swami Ramdev Baba met for development of Sanatan Culture.

The Meeting of Maharishi Aazaad and Baba Ramved, who are working towards re-establishing the Sanatan Culture of Ancient India could turn out to be a Milestone in the development of Sanatan Bharat in today's time.

International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit Maharishi Aazaad and Baba Ramdev

Maharishi Aazaad said that, "Sanatan Culture is the core of human existence. By practicing Sanatan Culture people can reshape their lives effectively. As well how by using Sanskrit Language in day to day life can lift the consciousness and thinking ability of people around the World."

Yog guru Ramdev Baba and Sanskrit Shiromani Maharishi Aazaad

He further added, " Baba Ramdev had done an inexplicable job by introducing Yoga to each and every house of our country. His contributions in the development of Yoga have been inspiring to Me and all of us."

Maharishi Aazaad in Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Baba Ramdev said, "The efforts of Maharishi Aazaad by promoting the value of Sanskrit Language, has been incredible."

Megastar Maharishi Aazaad

"Maharishi Aazaad has now introduced Sanskrit Language to every doorstep of India."

Maharishi Aazaad on his way to visit Baba Ramdev

"I'm sure that with our efforts in preaching Yoga and Sanskrit Language, we can bring back our lost heritage of Sanatan Bharat."

The cultural ambassador of World Maharishi Aazaad

The other aspect of discussion was to spread the importance ofAyurveda globally and howAyurveda can affect the lives of people for their healthy well-being.

It is a notable fact that Maharishi Aazaad is currently working towards introducing Sanskrit Language throughout India and Rest of the World.

The two ambassadors, one for Sanskrit and one for Yoga, working together will be a huge step towards re-building The Sanatan Bharat and to propagate the valuable teachings of Ancient India.

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